Omaha Garage Floor Coatings

Garage floors undergo a lot of wear and tear. From changing seasons to dirty cars and tools, they get used regularly. By using Schroder Concrete’s garage floor coating, you can increase your floor’s resiliency against stains and tire marks. Easily clean out dirt, oil and tire marks. A wide array of color options allows you to have a garage floor you can be proud of.

The innovative process behind the garage floor coatings at Schroder Concrete has been refined for over a decade to ensure your garage floor will have style and sophistication to last for years. In just 2 to 4 days, you’ll have a garage floor that looks great, can be easily cleaned by sweeping or mopping and adds aesthetic and financial value to your home.

The benefits of a coated garage floor are numerous. Schroder Concrete uses coats that add strength and durability, as well an aesthetic look that a basic concrete garage floor simply can’t match. Our garage floor coatings are warranted against weathering, cracking, oil, chemicals, hot tires and moisture. provides a limited lifetime warranty**

Whether your aging garage floor just needs an update or you’re ready to take it to the next level, Schroder Concrete can provide you with a long-lasting garage floor that you’re sure to love.

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Lou & Michelle – Omaha, NE

"Terry, Just a quick thanks for the job you did. We really appreciated your professionalism & how you took everything in stride. Wish you the best & hope to do business with you again!"

May 9, 2015